Hi, I'm Tom Clark and I care about EMFs.

Tom Clark, Owner of EMF Solutions

Ok, slight understatement. I care a lot about what EMFs are doing to us and what we can do to reduce our exposure and protect against them when they are unavoidable.

EMF Solutions is run by myself and my friend Sean, as we both bring our own unique angle on the topic.

Who am I?

Born on March 31st 1989, I was fortunate enough to remember my childhood filled with countless hours playing in the woods, riding, skating and getting a whole lot of fresh air with my friends. What a concept, right? I grew up for the most part in a small village called Sutton Benger, in Wiltshire in the UK.

During these years, the amount of EMF exposure was far less than today. For example, my old friend, the Nokia 3210 did not have quite the same level of appeal as our current smartphones. Sure, you could play Snake, but you didn’t lose 3 hours in an Instagram infinite scroll! We didn’t even own a computer back then until I was 15. Even when we did get one, you would get an hour a day of use, at best. Not like today where I can spend some days with 10 hours on the laptop, and my trusty iPhone at arms reach in the evenings.

At the age of 18 I left for University where I studied music for 3 years at The Brighton Institute of Modern Music. In my 3rd year I set up an online guitar tuition site called Your Guitar Tutor. I then set up my main business, Convert Digital Ltd, in February 2014 and continue to spend my time helping companies perform better through SEO and Digital Marketing. 

I now live in a sleepy little village just outside of Brighton, called Saltdean. I live with my partner Adriana, her daughter Carolina and our two cats.



Why EMF?

Up until September 2020 I was living in flats, always surrounded by other flats above me, below me and on both sides. I had been struggling to switch off at night and was getting to sleep at 2am. I had noticed I was increasingly irritable, struggling with focus and anxious most days. Sure, it didn’t help that the virus broke out and life had changed overnight, but I knew I was not living an optimal life.

I had been following Darin Olien after watching him on the popular Netflix series, Down to Earth.  Darin talked about EMFs, and although I had always been conscious of the obvious issues surrounding over-exposure to mobile phones and laptops, I didn’t realise this was just the start of it. After looking into Darin Olien I became aware of EMFs on a much deeper level. Suddenly I felt like I was in a minefield dodging Wifi, 5G, every high EMF appliance in my home and don’t get me started on Bluetooth!

Since then I have put into practice the ways in which we can protect ourselves from EMF, create a more harmonious living space and feel better. My results are evident, I feel more peaceful and I am forever more mindful of EMF, though I am a firm believer in balance and that fixing EMF issues is not a cure-all

What makes me an expert in this field?

In the world of EMF awareness, there are professional companies who are known as EMF detection specialists. They come into your home and measure EMF levels, provide recommendations to reduce the EMF levels and away they go. I am not an EMF detection specialist. 

I am someone who has dedicated their spare time to understanding what exactly is causing the highest EMF levels around you, try out the EMF protection products and weed out the poor ones that make false claims. I find the low EMF alternatives to common products ranging from air purifiers to infrared saunas. 

Although I don’t live off-grid in the wilderness with zero technology, I am finding ways to live in society with more control over my exposure.

You can see me as your guinea pig for how to live a life with less EMF exposure.

Am I saying EMF is to blame for everything?

Certainly not. 

EMF is just one piece of the puzzle for us to work out how to live a better life. I personally find meditation, walking and therapy are some of the biggest pillars of wellness, but high EMF disrupts the benefits, and that is why I am here to guide you on your journey.

I can envisage a future where increased use of technology will only mean more EMFs, but luckily we can do something about it.