HigherDose Go Mat | PEMF Infrared Mini Mat Review

HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF GO Mat Review: Recovery on the go!

HigherDOSE is back in the news with a new version of their extremely popular PEMF Infrared Mat. The new version goes by HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF GO Mat, and is designed to bring you all of the benefits of the original in a new and convenient form factor. The GO Mat’s compact design makes it the perfect recovery companion for a work-from-home setup, allowing you to reap all the benefits of PEMF technology without the need to schedule specific times to use it. Its understated and discreet design also makes it a good choice for someone who might need relief while at the office. Simply attach it to your chair, plug it in, and let it work its magic while you continue with your day.

If you suffer from chronic muscle or joint pain, muscle spasms, taking forever to recover from workouts, poor focus and irritability, poor sleep, or stress, the new HigherDOSE PEMF GO Mat may be just what you need to find relief while going about your day. Continue reading to find out why the £699 (at time of writing) HigherDOSE PEMF GO Mat is the best portable PEMF Mat on the market today!

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HigherDose PEMF Go Mat - Infrared Mini Mat Review

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First things first: what is Infrared PEMF and what does it do?

Infrared PEMF therapy, or Infrared Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, is a combination of infrared and PEMF therapies. While both of these therapies have been popular for decades, it’s only recently that the two techniques have been combined into what is today called infrared PEMF therapy.

Despite the idea of light therapy originating in the 1800s, it wasn’t until NASA adopted infrared therapy to treat astronauts in the 1960s that the idea really took off. Since then, the technique of using specific wavelengths of light to treat conditions such as pain and inflammation has become increasingly popular with both physicians and individuals around the world. Infrared light’s long wavelength allows it to penetrate deep into body tissue to promote cellular repair and regeneration.

PEMF therapy involves generating electromagnetic fields at a range of frequencies very close to the body. This generates a harmless –and in fact beneficial– low-level radiation field that penetrates body tissues and stimulates cellular repair and regeneration. It’s important to stress that these PEMF fields replicate the types of radiation found in nature and are generated at lower levels than you would experience in a thunderstorm. PEMF therapy was first experimented with in the late 1800s, and even Nikola Tesla himself tinkered with the idea. Since the 1950s, numerous scientists and doctors have investigated its healing properties, especially as a method to improve blood circulation, bring pain relief, and promote wound healing.

Today, infrared PEMF therapy is a common treatment for a range of ailments and is used extensively in the medical community. It’s generally accepted to be perfectly safe, and a number of studies, including this 2014 study published by Weill Cornell Medicine, have attested to how effectively it can be used as a medical treatment for a host of conditions. Beyond that, many people without any specific health problems choose to use infrared PEMF technology simply for the extended range of benefits it brings.

Review after two weeks of using the HigherDOSE PEMF GO Mat in the office

A couple of weeks ago, I invested in a PEMF GO Mat to use in the office. Although I have the original version at home –I put it away for a few weeks to review the GO Mat without bias– the new form factor and how easily you can attach it to any office chair really sold it for me. So, these are my findings after using it in the office and what you can expect from it if used in the same way.

First and foremost, get ready to be bombarded with “hey, what’s that on your chair?”, “what does that thing do?”, and “can I give it a try?” on a regular basis. Seriously, my new GO Mat drew a LOT of attention around the office! Once you get through this

phase though, you don’t really notice that it’s there all that much. As you can see in the picture, the design allows it to sit really flush with the chair, and it’s textured finish is comfortable to sit on when it’s not in use. You can also see that I need a new office chair, but that’s really besides the point.

Since it was a pretty nippy day I took it into the office, I decided to start myself off with the far-infrared heart therapy. Within a few minutes, what were previously shivering bones started to
gently warm up and relax. It’s important to note that the heat doesn’t feel like a direct heat you could expect from a heater. The infrared waves seem to penetrate into your tissues, giving you
the sensation of being warmed up from the inside. It’s a very different sensation to the HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket (which I keep at home) which applies a much more intense and direct heat. Even after hours of using the GO Mat, I didn’t feel sticky or sweaty at all. Just
warm, comfortable, and relaxed. I personally like to use the infrared layer at about 50°C, but you can crank it all the way up to 70°C if you like.

I’m a runner, and from time to time, I’ll feel the previous day’s run in my legs the next day. While I don’t dislike this feeling, I’d rather not sit around with slightly aching legs all day. Whenever I’d pushed myself too hard the previous day, I switch gears and set the GO Mat to PEMF and let it get to work. The PEMF GO Mat has 4 different levels for the PEMF mode, and from personal experience and trial and error, I’ve learned that my body responds best to level 3. At this level it reduces stiffness in the muscles as well as pain in the joints like my knees and ankles. It decreases my recovery time between runs by at least 50%, meaning I can hit the trails harder, faster, and more often. I also noticed that I sleep like a baby since I started using the mat at the office.

It’s important to note that the 4 levels don’t correlate exactly to intensity, but frequency instead. Different frequencies have different effect on the body and brain waves; however, my personal experience is that level 3 offers me the most benefit. I would strongly recommend trying the different levels over a couple of days to see what works best for you under which circumstance.

Another point to discuss in terms of my own personal view of this product is the tourmaline and amethyst crystal negative ion therapy. While I was sceptical about negative ion therapy when I first heard about it, I’m now a full on convert. After reading up on it, I learned that negative ions naturally occur in the air near waterfalls, mountains, and beaches. The theory is that negatively charged ions can bind with free radicals (unstable atoms in the air that are created by pollution, smoking, and UV light), neutralising them and rendering them harmless. While the jury in the scientific community is still out on the efficacy of negative ion therapy, there’s no dispute that free radicals can cause a host of negative effects, including cancer, inflammation, reduced immune system functionality, and a host of psychological effects.

The GO Mat features a tourmaline and amethyst crystal layer that disperses negative ions, also called antioxidants, into the air around it. Since I started regularly using the PEMF Mat, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my general mood, I feel less stressed, and I feel more energised. While I didn’t experience these positive effects immediately after the first use, I did start noticing the changes after a few sessions. I’m now 100% convinced that the psychological benefits are entirely due to the negative ion-producing layer of the GO Mat.

The last benefit that I’d like to bring up in my personal review is that the PEMF Go Mat is safe to use for as long as you want. There are absolutely no side effects to the low level EMF fields and infrared waves that it generates. The infrared heating cycle lasts for up to 8 hours before shutting off automatically, while the PEMF generators have a 20 minute cycle. Restarting the PEMF cycle consists of nothing more than a button press though, and it’s perfectly safe to repeat the cycles as many times as you wish.

Product Features

The Layers

The HigherDOSE PEFM GO Mat is constructed of multiple layers of different materials. Covering the exterior surfaces of the mat, you’ll find a waterproof, non-toxic PVC mono-netting mesh. While some PVC products tend to have an uncomfortable feel, the high quality PVC and tight knit of the mesh actually feels more like a rough, textured natural fibre than a synthetic. It’s also easy to clean and wipe down without worrying that you’ll damage the functional components, which is great if you’re sharing your mat with someone else.

Underneath the exterior PVC layer, you’ll find the PEMF generating layer. It’s designed to mimic the natural EM fields common in nature, and can dramatically increase healing rates, reduce inflammation, increase your energy levels, relieve stress, and help you get better sleep. The PEMF layer can run at frequencies between 3 and 23 Hz.

The amethyst and tourmaline crystal layer produces negative ions that flood the surrounding air. This has a whole range of physical and psychological benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, and increased overall energy levels. One layer down, you find the infrared layer. It produces low-intensity infrared waves that penetrate deep into your tissue to help improve circulation, promote detoxification, and reduce pain. The final functional layer of the GO Mat is the charcoal, clay, and magnet layer. Charcoal is known to bind to pollutants, facilitating deeper detox. The clay plays a dual role, both emitting negative ions as well as acting as a heat conductor, insuring that the mat heats up evenly. The medical-grade magnet strip can help improve blood flow and circulation.

When I first received the PEMF mat from Higher Dose in the post, I was surprised at how heavy duty and high-quality it was. The mat feels exceptionally well made from quality materials. When I set it up and began trying it out, I was impressed with the three different therapies that I could use. Firstly, I tried the far-infrared heat therapy, which is similar technology to the Higher Dose sauna blanket that I also love. The mat, however, felt different to the sauna blanket and a traditional sauna as I wasn’t sweating. Instead, I just felt a warm and pleasant heat, which then penetrates deep into my body to help repair it. I prefer this to the Higher Dose Sauna Blanket due to the fact that I don’t sweat profusely with the mat – meaning that afterwards, I didn’t need to take a shower and instead could simply continue with my day. Although the mat’s top layer is PVC, it didn’t feel cheap, and I didn’t stick to it when the heat setting was turned on. It actually felt comfortable enough to lie on for a long time. 

The mat also provides negative ion therapy – this means that it puts antioxidants into the air that comes from the crystals that are weaved into the mat. The main crystal responsible for negative ion production is the tourmaline. The purpose of this treatment is for the negative ions to be absorbed into the body as once they reach the bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that are meant to increase serotonin. Seratonin has been found to improve your mood, helping with conditions such as depression and stress. It can also boost your energy. While using this mat, I didn’t feel an immediate impact with this therapy, but after a few sessions, I felt less stressed and looked forward to my quiet time using the mat each day. 

The final therapy available is the PEMF therapy. When using the mat for this, it took me a while to choose the level that was right for me. The mat can be set between level 1 and level 9. The lower the level, the lower the amount of PEMF radiation that you are exposed to. Levels 1 and 2 replicate the same exposure you would find in nature, while the higher levels offer a more intense experience. Obviously, I wanted to see what the mat could do, so I immediately chose level 9 – the highest setting. Like the negative ion therapy, I believe that the PEMF therapy’s impact built up over time as I was using it every day. I began to feel muscle soreness like I had been working out at the gym. Having looked into this, I believe that it is because the PEMF therapy causes soreness due to increased blood flow to the muscles (the same blood flow that occurs during exercise).  I decided to try using a lower level and set it at level 5 for a few days – this reduced the soreness, and I felt calmer and less stressed. Over the period of using the mat, I noticed an improvement in my sleep patterns, which also led to positive physical impacts on my body. 

One great thing that I love about this mat is that you can use it for as long as you want – which you cannot do with the HigherDose sauna blanket. I have used this mat for everything – whether it is simply lying down and relaxing or meditation and yoga. It is also great for post-workout stretching, as the mat’s properties can help aid muscle recovery. The mat does have a timer that lasts 60 minutes; however, you can just turn it on again if you want to use it for longer. 

The Controller

The PEMF Go Mat comes with a smaller controller than its big brother, which is handy considering that it’s supposed to be easy to pick up and go. It’s incredibly robust, meaning it won’t be damaged if you accidentally drop it on a tile floor, or run over it or the cable with you chair. I didn’t intend on testing these strength and robustness features, but my clumsiness is to your benefit in this case.

As far as complexity goes, the remote only has two buttons: a power button and a button that activates the PEMF function. The dial in the centre sets the intensity level of the infrared heating mat, and the little LED display keeps you informed about what level the PEMF generator is set to.

The Technical Details

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty technical details. The HigherDOSEiInfrared PEMF GO Mat has a footprint of 50cm x 100cm. It features a fold right in the middle that makes it easy to attach to most chairs, including office chairs. The product weighs 5.2kg or 11lbs, making it light enough to move around with ease. The UK version comes with the necessary power adaptor and can run on the 230V British standard electric supply, as well as the European standard of 240V. It is a 120-watt device. The 2 PEMF cores can operate at four different intensity levels; 3Hz, 7.8Hz, 10Hz, and 23Hz. These different frequencies all have unique effects on the body, so be sure to play change them based on your needs:

●  3Hz – For sleep and deep relaxation

●  7.8Hz – For resetting and reconnecting

●  10Hz – For mindfulness and wakeful relaxation

●  23Hz – For focus and alertness

The instruction booklet provides more detailed information on the effects of the different wavelengths that the PEMF generator can generate. I’d strongly reacommending reading it thoroughly before using the GO Mat.

The infrared heaters only operate in the safe 0.2-0.8 milligauss EMF range, meaning it poses no harm to adults, children, or even pets.

The Packaging and Instructions

Your PEMF GO Mat will come packed in a convenient carry case, along with everything you need to simply plug it in and start reaping the benefits. Out of the box, you will find the PEMF GO Mat, the instruction manual and warranty card, the controller, and a UK plug adaptor.

The Go Mat easily slides in and out of the carry case, meaning you won’t struggle with taking it to and from the office if you’re sharing it with someone else. Taking it home after using it at the office all day really is an

option here, even if you’re taking public transport. It’s lightweight enough to carry without it being a burden.

The instruction manual is detailed and includes everything you need to know about your GO Mat. It includes sections on:

●  Warranty information

●  Product specifications and technical details

●  PEMF and Infrared therapy FAQs

●  Maintenance and storage information

●  Controller and operation

●  Contraindications & prior use medical advice

●  An installation and repair guide

●  Medical warning and safety procedures

Higher Dose PEMF Infrared Mat

The Warranty

The HigherDOSE PEMF GO Mat comes standard with a one-year limited warranty for non-commercial use. This means that they will repair or replace a broken unit provided that you did not use it in a commercial setting, such as a gym or medical facility. In a nutshell, the warranty covers the controller, functional layers, and outer layers in the event that any of these suffer from material or workmanship defects. In the event that a replacement or repair is needed, HigherDOSE will also cover the shipping costs in both directions.

What Is PEMF?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) is an electromagnetic field that works at a variety of frequencies to help stimulate the body’s recovery process. PEMF radiation is very different from the type of electromagnetic radiation produced by x-rays and microwaves, and they do not harm the human body. PEMF radiation replicates the type of radiation found in nature and it has frequencies that are lower than you would be subjected to in a thunderstorm. 

Reviews and Testimonials

It doesn’t take more than one or two quick Google searches to see that this product is incredibly popular with everyone who’s tried it. It’s been reviewed by dozens and dozens of fitness bloggers, therapists, and product specialists who all rate it as a top notch product for doing what it claims. In comparative reviews with other similar products, the HigherDOSE products nearly always top the lists. And it’s not just reviewers who love it! The GO Mat, and the bigger original PEMF mat have racked up hundreds of 5-star reviews from happy customers.