Joovv Red Light Therapy Results

Who are Joovv?

Joovv are a brand that offer red light therapy panels that claim to improve your health in a number of ways. They are a trusted brand by many well-being experts and are registered with the FDA and other health agencies. They conduct clinic trials on all of their devices to back up their claims. The Joovv comes in many designs and they are modular meaning that you can build a complete system over time. 

The Joovv emits red light which is delivered at 660nm and can be absorbed by the surface tissues and cells, and near infrared light which penetrates deeper into the tissues of your body. Many of the newer Joovv models also include Recovery+ mode which delivers continuous red light and pulsed near infrared light to aid recovery and regeneration. 

Their website is easy to navigate and has a chat box where you can ask questions and get advice. The devices arrive well packaged and bracket together if you order more than one panel. They can be connected with wires or via Bluetooth. If the wires are connected the Bluetooth can be turned off, reducing your EMF exposure greatly. Take a look at the video below to see how to correctly set up your Joovv. 

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is a technique used to try and heal our bodies though using natural light that is concentrated. The red light has a wavelength that is near infrared and similar to natural sunlight, and provides many of the key nutrients required to allow humans to stay healthy. 

This is important as many of us nowadays do not absorb enough natural light as our lifestyles have us inside most of the time. The wavelengths in natural light have many benefits that mainly focus around healing the body and energised our cells. This in turn can improve the appearance of skin, heal injuries, reduce inflammation and even boost mental health. Check out our post on the best red light therapy devices to learn about the possible choices for you.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which contains many rays with different wavelengths. At the end of each spectrum are harmful rays such as gamma rays and X-rays, and electromagnetic rays which have also been documented to cause harm.

At the centre of the spectrum are light wavelengths and it is these that can have health benefits if they are absorbed by the body. These wavelengths include red and near infrared light (NIR). Red light, which is visible to the eye is perfect for treating the skin and is used by many estheticians to treat a variety of skin conditions from acne to eczema to sun damage. 

Infrared light, or NIR light can penetrate the body deeper than red light can. It can help with more complex issues such as deep injuries and soft tissue damage. It can also be used on the brain and skull to treat neurological disorders and improve concentration and depression.

What Are The Benefits of Red Light Therapy?

As red light can provide healing at a cellular level, it has many reported health benefits. The key to experiencing these benefits is consistency. Repeated and consistent exposure can lead to better results. Some of the benefits are listed below: 

Improved sleep quality 

Exposure to red light can regulate your circadian rhythm and produce higher levels of melatonin which is related to the quality of your sleep. 

Anti-inflammatory properties

Red light has been shown to reduce inflammation, speeding up muscle recovery and providing pain relief for issues such as joint and muscle pain.

Improved skin appearance 

Red light can help heal damaged skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties and it can increase collagen production and circulation which can produce strong anti-aging results.

Stimulates hair growth

Red light absorbed by the skin can stimulate hair growth and help prevent the loss of more hair. 

Mental Health Impact

As well as improving general mood and well-being, red light has also been found to have a positive effect on those with depression and other mental health conditions such as seasonal affective disorder.

Fertility Benefits

Red light can improve thyroid function and regulate hormone levels. This in turn improves fertility in both men and women. 

Aids Weight Loss

Red light has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite and body fat.


Well-being expert Alex Fergus tested the Joovv against other red light body panels to see how it measured up. One of the tests that he completed was an EMF test, as high EMF levels can have damaging effects on health. To test this, he used a Cornet ED88t meter, and measured their magnetic and electric EMF ranges. If you are looking for a good EMF meter of your own, check out our recommendations Best EMF Meters and Detectors

When measuring electric field levels, the Joovv solo range emitted 0m/v. See how this compares to other red light devices that Fergus tested in the table below. You will see that the Joovv is labelled as green after this test. This relates to the risk bands set out by the Building Biology Institute. Green is considered safe for human exposure.


When measuring magnetic field levels, the Joovv solo range emitted 0.6mg – the lowest out of all the red light panels. Again, this is within the safe green zone as these levels are incredibly low.

Concluding his study, Fergus determined that the Joovv is in fact the superior panel for low EMF readings. If you want to watch his whole video comparison check it out.

Joovv Red Light Therapy Before And After Skin Complexion Results

As previously mentioned. Red light therapy can dramatically improve the appearance and texture of the skin. It boosts collagen and promotes cell growth and the proliferation of fibroblasts. Due to this, cells can operate at their full capacity as micro circulation has also increased. Red light can also reduce inflammation, therefore de-puffing the skin. All these changes lead to glowing looking healthy skin that feels smoother and softer.

But don’t just take our word for it – Harvard University professor Dr. Michael Hamblin is a leading researcher in this field, and his many studies have shown that red light therapy can reduce oxidative stress and increase blood flow to the skin tissue, allowing it to heal faster and reduce inflammation.

Do these results work in practice? 

Users of the Joovv LED Light therapy device have seen great results when it comes to their skin.

In her review, nutritional therapist Jen Choi stated that skin health “was actually low on my list of reasons why I started using red light therapy, but it’s a very nice side effect. I noticed that my skin is clearer and more glow-y, and I’ve started concentrating the light on my face more because of this”. 

Wendy Vasquez, Editorial Assistant at the Glitter Guide even posted pictures documenting her skin’s progress while using a Joovv device. Her focus was to try and improve her acne and dark spots. She had previously picked her face and acne, leading to visible acne scarring. Below are her before and after pictures after using Joovv for around 2 months. 

She found that over time her older acne scars became less visible, while more recent acne and scarring cleared up quicker than usual. You can see that her skin appears clearer and smoother after two months of using the product and she is incredibly impressed with the results.

Joovv Red Light Therapy For Hair Growth

Red light therapy can also stimulate hair growth in both men and women. It works by stimulating the stem cells at the follicle of the hair, which shifts them to the anagen phase of the development (the stage at which they grow).The best red light wavelength for hair growth is again between 600-700 nanometers – so the Joovv is a perfect fit. One study found that women who had red light therapy every two days for 17 weeks experienced a 51% increase in the density of their hair. 

Male Genitals / Sexual Performance And Joovv Red Light Results

Another great advantage of red light therapy is its positive impact on the male genitals and testosterone production. Research has shown that using red light can actually triple the production of testosterone if your testicles are exposed to red light for between 5 and 20 minutes per day. 

This is not newly discovered information – back in the 1940s a study was conducted that discovered sunbathing nude can lead to an increase in testosterone levels in the body. However, this only occurred when the body was exposed to both UVA and UVB lighting. You do not get this with sunbeds nowadays, but red light therapy such as the Joovv delivers both types of UV light.

It is important to note however that if you are planning on using a red light device like the Joovv to do this, you will need to choose one that works at 660 nanometers rather than the stronger 800 nanometers as the increased wavelength can irreversibly damage the testicles.

When using the Joovv light, Fitness Guru Ben Greenfield found that it increased his orgasm quality and testosterone levels which led him to feel a surge of energy when using the product. As you can imagine, there are no before and after photos for this! But check out Ben’s YouTube video on Joovv light therapy below:

Joovv Results for Joint Pain

What about joint and muscle pain? Can the Joovv really help in this area too? The short answer to this is yes! Many studies have shown that red light therapy can help with a variety of different types of joint pain, including severe conditions like arthritis. 

As well as improvement in her skin, Nutritional Therapist Jen Choi also experienced rapid results when it came to her chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. Choi suffers pain from scoliosis which often becomes worse if she is experiencing stress. She documents in her review that her pain was noticeably reduced after using Joovv for only one week. 

Ben Greenfield also found that the Joovv light helped him recover quicker after workouts, and reduced muscular and joint fatigue. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long and how often can you do red light therapy?

As we have mentioned above, consistency is vital when it comes to red light therapy. Short, frequent sessions on a problem area give the best results. Joovv recommends using their device for 10 minutes each day on a problem area.

Who would benefit from using Joovv? 

As Joovv has so many different health benefits, everyone can benefit from using the device. In particular, those who deal with joint pain, chronic fatigue, hormonal issues or autoimmune diseases could benefit the most.

Additionally, those with skin conditions, injuries or who simply work out often could also see significant results with the product.

How is the Joovv device different from an infrared sauna?

The majority of infrared saunas only emit far infrared light. The Joovv on the other hand emits both red and infrared light and does not produce heat like saunas traditionally do. 

Are there any side effects to using the Joovv?

Red light therapy is extremely safe and studied have not identified any major side effects. 

How long do Joovv bulbs last?

Joovv bulbs will not need to be replaced as they have a lifespan that means they last 6 whole years if they are turned on all of the time. As you are only using it for a short while each day, you won’t need to replace them.


The Joovv Red Light Panel is a leader in its field, with some of the lowest EMF levels on the market and proven health benefits. Although it is costly, it is well worth the investment if you would benefit from any the health improvements that it can cause. If you are looking to purchase a red light panel in the future, check out our latest blog here for recommendations.