Does Shungite Actually Block EMF? Best Shungite EMF Protection

Shungite is capable of incredible feats. Given that, it’s natural to wonder whether shungite can actually do those things, especially does shungite actually block EMF? Don’t worry; we are here to dispel any doubts you may have about shungite’s ability to block EMF. We are also going to recommend you a product that we think provides the best shungite EMF protection.

Shungite is able to block EMF because it contains fullerenes in its composition. It absorbs EMF and then neutralizes it. It creates a force field around you to protect you from damaging EMF. The best shungite product for EMF protection is Heka Naturals Unpolished Shungite Pyramid. With its 10 m action radius, it gives the best EMF protection you can get.

You’re probably curious about shungite right now. How it works, how to use it properly, and so on. We’ve got you covered. We’ll go into more detail about how shungite prevents EMF. We’ll go over how to use shungite correctly and which type of shungite product is best for EMF protection in detail. We’ll also explain why you should go with the Heka Naturals Unpolished Shungite Pyramid.

How Does Shungite Block EMF?

Shungite blocks EMF due to the fullerenes in its composition. These hollow carbon molecules are what allows shungite to have EMF blocking capabilities.

To understand how shungite is capable of blocking EMF, you need to first understand its structure. Shungite is composed of 98% carbon. But its EMF blocking properties come from the small quantities of fullerenes it has in its composition. 

Fullerene is a carbon allotrope with a molecule composed of carbon atoms joined by double and single bonds. With fused rings, these bonds create a mesh that may be completely or partially closed. Because of this, fullerene has a hollow structure. This hollow structure allows shungite to be more fluid and reactive to a wide range of substances.

If EMF comes into contact with shungite, this reactive nature allows it to absorb and neutralize EMF, protecting you from EMFs harmful effects. Shungite is so unique because it is the only natural material to possess a hollow carbon structure, also known as fullerenes.

Fullerenes also form a force field around carbon-based elements. Since you and all other humans are carbon-based, shungite will form a force field around you. This force field will protect you from EMFs by absorbing and neutralizing them. This way you will be safe from all harmful EMF radiation.

Why Use Shungite to Get Protection from EMF?

Almost every modern device you use radiates EMF. Smartphones, Computers, Wireless routers, Bluetooth devices, Microwave ovens, MRIs all these devices radiate EMF regularly. This is not even all the devices. Every device that is connected to the internet radiates EMF. So you could say, you are surrounded by EMF radiation. 

You might be thinking if all these devices are radiating EMFs, then EMF might not be that harmful. But in reality, EMFs are extremely harmful. High exposure to EMF can even lead to cancer. Other symptoms caused by EMF includes:

  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Disturbances in sleep, even insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Irritability


You now have a better understanding of the extent to which EMF radiation harms you. That’s why protection from this harmful EMF radiation is pretty necessary. That’s where shungite assists you. Shungites neutralize EMF radiation and keep you safe.

You can also try to avoid using these devices, but you will have to live like a caveman. Furthermore, people around you will be using these devices, whether at work or on the bus, making this method impractical. You could, however, limit your use of these devices. This way you can reduce the harm caused by EMF.

But in this day and age, avoiding these devices will be extremely hard for you. That’s why we recommend purchasing shungite. This way you won’t have to give up your lifestyle, and you’ll be free of EMF radiation as well. It’s a win-win situation. Shungites are very reasonably priced, so cost should not be an issue.

Also, because a lot of the devices you are using daily radiates EMF, getting one shungite might not be enough for you. You will need several to make sure you have enough protection from these harmful EMFs. 


How to Use Shungite to Get Protection from EMF?

For starters, whenever you use a device that emits EMF radiation, place a shungite next to it. For example, one next to your wireless router, one next to your computer, one next to your microwave oven, and so on.

I’d suggest keeping a shungite beside your bed and one in each corner of your room. As a result, a large force field will be created, and you will be safe from EMF radiations. Also, wherever you go outside, keep one shungite close by. It is compact enough to fit in your pocket. If that’s inconvenient, you can put your shungite in a necklace and wear it outside.

Do not buy shungite clothes, shungite paint, or anything that doesn’t have an actual shungite stone in it. If there is not any shungite stone in its entirety, it will not be effective in neutralizing EMF radiation. Hence, buying these products will be a waste of money.

Best Type of Shungite to Protect Against EMF

There are different types of shungite products available. There are shungite pyramids, shungite plates, shungite jewelry, and shungite tiles. Each of them has its advantages in a certain scenario. For example, shungite jewelry would be good for going outside.

But if we had to choose the best overall, it would undoubtedly be shungite pyramids. Now we’ll explain in detail why the shungite pyramid is superior to all other types of shungite products.

Large shungite stones are used to make shungite pyramids. These stones are shaped into pyramids. There is a reason this shape is chosen. This pyramid shape allows the shungite to simultaneously absorb harmful EMF from multiple directions. The shungite pyramid not only absorbs but also neutralizes these harmful EMF radiations simultaneously.

The ability to simultaneously absorb and neutralize EMF radiation from multiple directions sets it apart from all other shungite products. This ability is what makes the shungite pyramid the most effective product for EMF production. No other shungite products come close to the shungite pyramid’s effectiveness in protecting you from dangerous EMF radiation.

Another advantage is, you don’t need to buy shungite jewelry for going outside when you have this. You can easily attach a shungite pyramid to your necklace. So, it can protect you both inside and outside of your home.

3 Best Shungites for EMF Protection

There are tons of shungite products in the market by different manufacturers. It is a difficult job to choose just one for your EMF protection. Don’t worry, we are going to assist you in choosing the best shungite products for EMF protection.

Heka Naturals Unpolished Shungite Pyramid

Heka Naturals Unpolished Shungite Pyramid Black Stone Crystal | 10cm – Desk Decor Shungite Stone for Home or Office – Chakra Stones, Healing Crystals, Meditation Pyramid
  • 🌟 THE POWER OF SHUNGITE | Shungite is a black crystal mineral with a particular structure that makes a great water purifier. It contains Fullerenes, which can have a therapeutic value. The Shungite pyramid crystal combines the benefits of the mineral and the pyramid’s shape and acts as a natural shield, and purifying crystal for your surroundings.
  • 💎 THE EVERLASTING CRYSTAL | With continuous technological advancement, we’re constantly exposed to various vibes, which can cause various bodily disbalances. Shungite’s crystalline structure can act as a natural shield against such vibes. Shungite stones were traditionally used for physical, emotional, spiritual, and holistic healing. As such Shungite is more important now than ever for our physical well-being and spiritual protection.
  • 💫 THE “MIRACLE STONE” | Often referred to as the “Miracle Stone”, Shungite can have strong purifying, and cleansing properties, pending on its purity. This unpolished Shungite crystal pyramid is ideal decor for your meditation room, home or office, etc. It will always stand out as a centrepiece of your surroundings, with the added benefit of boosting and helping you consolidate both your physical and emotional well-being.
  • 🎓 THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE STONE | What does science say about Shungite and Fullerenes? If you’re interested to learn more about Shungite and its medical applications, you can do so by searching for the following PMCID with a simple Google search: PMC2676811 | “Medicinal applications of fullerenes.” This is an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.
  • 🎀 THE GIFT OF PURITY | Our unpolished Shungite black stone crystal pyramid makes an excellent gift for your loved ones because this isn’t just a gorgeous piece of home decor, this is a people-to-people positive vibe transfer. Within traditional values and beliefs, it has been gifted as a token of goodwill, health and perseverance. With the added benefit that the pyramid, with its unique geometric shape and historical value is a powerful symbol on its own.

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First of all, Heka Naturals Unpolished Shungite Pyramid is shaped like a pyramid. Previously, we told you that this shape ensures the best EMF protection for you. This pyramid shape allows the shungite to simultaneously absorb and neutralize harmful EMF from multiple directions. In our experience, it provided great EMF protection and we were thoroughly happy about it.

It has a base of 10 x 10 cm and a height of 7 cm. Its action radius is 10 m. This will be a huge benefit for you. This large action radius means one single shungite pyramid will be able to cover the entire room in a force field. This weighs 599 grams.

For keeping in your room or near EMF sources, this shungite pyramid outperforms all others. So, if that’s the reason you’re buying this product, go for it without hesitation.

However, keep in mind this is not portable at all. It has a large size and it weighs more than half a kilogram. So we would not recommend going outdoors with this shungite.


  • Pyramid Shaped
  • Large Action Area
  • Effective EMF protection
  • Authentic Product
  • Keeps your body healthy



  • A little heavy
  • Not portable

Karelian Heritage Minimalist Pendant

The biggest weakness of the shungite pyramid was it was large and heavy and thus not portable. If that bothers you as well then you can check out the Karelian Heritage Minimalist Pendant. It is lightweight, small, and you can easily wear it going outside. It will protect you from EMF whenever you or people near you are using an EMF emitting device. 

The diameter and thickness depend on the shape you purchase. This pendant is available in the following shapes: female triangle, irregular and rectangular. Their sizes are all different. This allows you to select a size based on your preferences. However, keep in mind that the larger and heavier they are, the more protection they can provide.

Our experience with this product is very pleasant. We used the shungite irregular-shaped pendant. It weighs 8 grams and contains 50 percent carbon. It was able to keep us safe from EMF when we were outside. We are relatively less stressed after wearing this. The headache bothered us a lot less in the workplace. The mood was relatively better as well.

This pendant is not suitable for protecting your room. Because it is small and compact, it is not all that powerful. But if you think you also need protection while you are outside, this is the perfect product for you and you should definitely buy this.



  • Lightweight
  • Small and portable
  • Authentic Product
  • Keeps you healthy
  • Good EMF protection



  • Relatively less powerful

Shungite Crystal Tumble Stone

Crystal of Strong Protection – Natural Gemstone Shungite Tumble Stone Reiki Healing Energy
  • Shungite Crystal Tumble Stone
  • Beautifully Gift Wrapped with Information Card
  • Crystal of Powerful Protection
  • Fast 1-2 day UK Shipping as Standard
  • Beautiful Gift

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Shungite Crystal Tumble Stone is different from all others because it is not shaped into anything. A shungite with a high percentage of carbon cannot be shaped because it becomes too fragile. This one contains a high percentage of carbon and along with it more fullerenes in its composition.

Because it has more carbon and more fullerenes in its composition it is significantly more powerful than the other two products. So, it can provide you with better protection from EMF radiation. 

From what we understand, it should provide a lot more protection than the previous two products we talked about. Purely because of its superior composition. And from our tests we can definitely confirm it.  

It’s not very pretty because it’s not shaped into anything. If you keep it on the table, it will wobble and possibly fall off. This is not as pleasant to the touch as the other two, and you cannot use it outside.


  • Powerful EMF protection
  • Authentic
  • Ensures healthier life
  • Large action area



  • Not beautiful and not pleasant to the touch
  • Wobbly
  • Not portable

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can You Test if the Shungite is Working?

Yes. This will necessitate the use of a high-quality EMF meter. The meter must be capable of measuring all types of EMF radiation, such as electric, magnetic, and radiofrequency radiation.

  • How to Test if the Shungite is Working?

First, use an EMF meter to calculate the EMF without the shungite. After that, place a shungite near the EMF source and measure the EMF again. There should be a significant difference.


  • Is Shungite Recommended by any Experts?

Yes. Regina Martino wrote a book called Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification. Regina Martino specializes in stones and crystals as a geo-biologist and bioenergy expert. 


  • Why Other Carbon Materials Can’t Absorb EMF?

Fullerenes are not found in any other form of carbon, including graphite and diamond. As a result, their structures are more stable, non-reactive, and incapable of absorbing EMF.


  • Should You Buy a Higher Carbon Shungite Product?

Yes. The higher the carbon content your shungite has, the higher the concentration of fullerenes will be in its composition. With Higher the fullerenes, you will get greater protection.


  • Difference between Polished and Unpolished Shungite?

The only difference between polished and unpolished items is their appearance. Polished shungite will look more aesthetic.


  • Why is there no Elite Noble Type I Shungite Product?

Elite Noble Type I is too fragile. As a result, they cannot be shaped into any product.


  • Is there any Side Effect of Using a Shungite Product?

No, shungite products do not have any kind of side effects. They do not harm your mind or your body in any way. 


Now you should have a proper understanding of whether or not does Shungite actually block EMF. We’ve explained it as thoroughly as possible, so there should be no doubt in your mind that shungite blocks EMF. We’ve also recommended a product that we think provides the best shungite EMF protection in the market. So, if you were confused before, now you know what to get. 

We can guarantee that you will feel physically and mentally healthy after purchasing this product, being protected from all the harmful effects of EMF. Thanks for reading. And wishing you a happy and healthy life.