The Ultimate EMF Bed with EMF Blocking Sheets

One great way to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful EMF rays in your home is to invest in objects that can block EMF radiation or significantly reduce it. Here at EMF solutions, we have a variety of blog articles recommending some great products such as EMF shielding phone cases and low EMF fitness trackers. 

You may however have overlooked protecting a vital area of your home, an area that could make a big difference – your bed. Studies have shown that EMF radiation is more likely to have a significant impact on the body if there is prolonged exposure and sleeping in the same location for 8 hours every night would certainly lead to the exposure building up. 

To help protect your bed, you may want to consider purchasing some EMF blocking sheets, grounding pillowcases and an EMF bed canopy  In order to create an effect similar to a Faraday cage for extra levels of protection.

Why is it Important to Reduce EMF Levels Near Your Bed?

EMF radiation is everywhere in your home being emitted from your wires and electronic devices, as well as coming into your home from pylons, mobile transmitters and other signals. Exposure to EMF radiation over time has been reported to have significant health effects. One such effect is its impact on sleep quality. Poor sleep quality over time can then lead to additional adverse health effects so it is important to try and get a good night’s sleep.

A study by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne found that EMF radiation can lead to the body not producing enough melatonin, or not being able to maintain its melatonin levels. Melatonin is vital for your sleep as it is the hormone that helps the body rest and sleep by helping dictate the around of sleep that we get and in fact the quality of that sleep. Melatonin also impacts our ability to fight diseases and has anti-ageing properties. 

The body absorbs EMF radiation, this is a problem as the body thinks of this radiation as light, and therefore the body is then tricked into thinking that it is the day time, which has a negative impact on a person’s ability to sleep. As the body believes that it is the day time, it reduces the amount of melatonin that it is producing in order to try and keep us awake. This can lead to poor sleep quality or no sleep at all. 

Therefore, it is important to try and reduce the amount of EMF radiation that you absorb in your bedroom so that your melatonin can return to normal levels, improving your sleep quality and improve your health in general. 

How to Create the Ultimate EMF Blocking Bed

For the ultimate protection from harmful EMF rays, while you sleep, there are a few products to consider. These products should be used in collaboration with each other for the highest levels of protection. 

Grounding Sheet

The EMF rays from the wiring in your house and electronic devices in your home can have many negative impacts on the human body, one such impact being that they can result in high levels of body voltage, which can, in turn, lead to issues with sleep. A great way to get rid of the excess voltage in your body is by earthing or grounding it. Selecting a grounding sheet for your bed helps reduce low-frequency fields and has many other health benefits such as reducing body pain, tension and stress. Grounding sheets come with a plug that attaches to your electricity socket which will ground the sheet.  An NGLVKE grounding sheet is a great option, made from renewable fabric intertwined with silver grounding thread and can fit any size of bed, protecting you from EMF radiation. 

This sheet can be used underneath your bedding, or under your bed frame, paired with an EMF shielding canopy to create a Faraday cage effect, meaning that EMF radiation is blocked from all directions. Grounding mats can be used in many other situations as well as in your bed. If you are a fan of practicing yoga and meditation, consider a grounding yoga pad to perform your exercises on to further improve your wellbeing. 

Grounding Pillowcases

As well as a grounding sheet for underneath your body, it is important to consider using a grounded pillowcase for underneath your head. This will ensure the same duties as the grounding sheet but will offer further protection for your head and brain, which can often feel the effects of radiation more than other parts of the body. The NFLVKE grounding pillowcase is made from high levels of renewable fabric combined with silver grounding thread. The pillowcase can be hand-washed or gently machine-washed, meaning that it can be kept clean and sterile. 

The manufacturers of the case document the results of a study from Ober, in which 60 people who had sleep issues slept on grounding conductive fibre mattresses for one month. After this period of time, the majority of the subjects reported that it was easier for them to fall asleep, reduced muscle and joint pain, and a better quality of sleep. Take a look at the results below:

EMF Blocking Bed Canopies

To protect the surroundings of your bed, consider using an EMF blocking bed canopy. These canopies look no different to normal bed canopies, the only difference is that they are made from a fabric that contains material that blocks the EMF radiation, stopping it from entering your bed. This combined with the grounding mat will help protect you from all angles. 

Bed canopies are lightweight and easy to install – they can even be taken with you when you travel to give you protection on the go.  If you are interested in reading our detailed blog specifically focused on the best EMF Shielding Best Canopies, check it out Best EMF Shielding Bed Canopies.  One option is the EMF Microwave Radiation Shielding Box Bed Canopy, which is easy to assemble and adjustable and tried and tested. A more affordable option is the ZMMHW Anti-Radiation Mosquito Net EMF/RF Shielding Box, which has been found to reduce radiation levels by 88% due to its silver fibre. It can be securely fastened and cleaned easily for your ease. 

EMF Blocking Sheets

Another final option to protect your bed is the use of EMF blocking sheets. EMF blocking sheets aim to reduce or block EMF radiation so that a person is less exposed with they are sleeping. Sheets are usually made from fabric and have some type of metal thread woven into them such as silver, copper or nickel which are all conductive materials. Usually, these metal fibres are within a soft sheet material such as cotton or polyester, making them comfortable to use and flexible to suit your needs.

EMF blocking sheets do also come as solid metal, which can be used as a base for furniture, or to separate sections of a room. You can incorporate EMF blocking sheets into your bedding, or you can make your own bed canopy with them. They can also be used in many other ways as detailed below. Our top pick of EMF blocking sheets is the BlocSilver EMF Protection fabric which blocks between 97% and 99% of EMF radiation. 

An alternative option is the Blocanopy EMF Protection Sheet Sleeping Bag which covers the body and face and can be easily folded and transported to wherever you are travelling. The sleeping bag comes in a twin size or double and is made from breathable, flexible fabric. This is best for short-term use if you are travelling or saving up to invest in a bed canopy.  

Ways to Use an EMF Blocking Sheet

EMF blocking sheets can be used in a variety of ways around the home – most commonly in the bedroom. The fabric can be made into curtains, bed canopies and even bedding to protect a person when they sleep. 

If you have a metal sheet, this can be attached to your wall, preventing outside radiation from entering your room, or placed under your bed and used in combination with material bed canopies, to create a faraday cage effect.  

EMF sheets are great if you are on a budget as they can be made into a variety of different DIY EMF protective items, and they usually are cheaper to purchase than many pre-made EMF blocking gadgets. If you do intend to use your EMF blocking sheets to create new items, try and use conductive thread if you are showing parts of the sheets together as this will help protect from EMF rays even further. Conductive thread is usually made from metal that is conductive such as steel, woven with normal thread. It is slightly more difficult to work with and will require some patience but is worth it if your goal is EMF protection. 

Another way to connect EMF sheets together is to use conductive tape as long as there are no gaps, this will also help protect from EMF rays. One such product that can seal together EMF blocking sheets is the Titan RF Faraday Tape.  

How Do I Know My EMF Blocking Sheet Is Effective?

To properly test the effectiveness of any EMF blocking sheets or other devices, you should purchase an EMF meter to measure the levels of EMF radiation in your home with and without the use of the sheets. EMF readers can also be used around your home to identify EMF ‘hot spots’ to avoid or try and fix. If you are looking to purchase an EMF meter, take a look at our blog post Best EMF Meters and Detectors, which recommends many that can be easily purchased online and delivered to your door. Additionally, the article discusses how to use an EMF meter to get the best results.

How to use your EMF meter will depend on what you have used your EMF sheeting for – if for example, you have made the fabric into a bed canopy, you could measure the EMF readings in your bed when the canopy is not installed and compare these to the readings when the canopy is correctly in place. If the sheet is effective, there should be a significant reduction in EMF levels when the sheet canopy is in place, assuming there are no gaps. 

If you do not have an EMF meter, a quick way to check if EMF blocking sheets are effective is by using your mobile. Your mobile needs EMF rays in order to achieve a signal. If your sheet works effectively, wrapping it around your mobile should lead to it losing any signal. Test this by wrapping your phone in the sheet and trying to call it from another phone. If your mobile does not ring then the EMF blocking sheet is working well. If it still rings, try adding another layer of EMF blocking fabric and try again – this might tell you that anything you make out of the material may need a double layer to offer better protection. 


Creating a reduced EMF zone in your bedroom is vital for your sleep quality and general health. EMF radiation effects get worse with constant exposure, so ensuring that you are protected for the many hours a day that you sleep is vital. EMF shielding is a great way to reduce radiation levels and combining grounding sheets and pillowcases, alongside EMF blocking sheets and bed canopies is a great way to achieve this.