How to Have a Low EMF Home Office Workspace

A home office is supposed to be a calm place that should aid one’s concentration and productivity. But modern home offices are so full of EMF-emitting technology that they will give you headaches, instead of a serene workspace.  We believe you are looking for ways on how to have a low EMF home office workspace.

There are multiple ways you can tackle high levels of EMF in your home office. You could reduce the dirty electricity through a filter that covers the entire room. Faraday covers can isolate the EMF emission from your laptop and phones.

There are quite a few contributing factors when it comes to EMF. Unfortunately, A modern home office holds a substantially large number of them because of our technology dependency. But as with most EMF issues, with a little ingenuity and knowledge they can be resolved. We will provide all the information you need to make your home office safe from EMF.

Minimising Wi-Fi EMF In Home Office

Wireless networks emit constant radio waves. That is a proven fact. But we cannot avoid using it either due to everything the internet provides. Take this article; for example, you are reading it on the internet right now.

Wi-Fi networks incessantly emit invisible radio waves, a form of EMF, in the router’s surroundings. There have been concerns about this EMF being the cause of cancer. However, the results were inconclusive. But it is a proven fact that the low-level EMF causes headache and other physical anomalies after extended exposure. 

So, without a doubt you should take some steps to minimize its effect as living totally without the internet is not an option in this day and age. Here are two ways you can reduce the effects of EMFs in your home office. 

Consider Wired Internet

Most people are aware of the danger that Wi-Fi represents. It poses a risk to both the security and the health of the people. Surprisingly enough, the best method of countering this issue is returning to the good old wired internet

The ethernet-based wired internet works just as well, if not better than Wi-Fi, in terms of network stability. But it produces far less EMF into the air. The radiation level of wired internet is low enough to be almost negligible. 

Don’t Keep Wi-Fi Turned On All The Time

The second method is not as effective as switching to a wired connection, but it works. If you have to have Wi-Fi in a home office, then at least use it in moderation. You can alleviate the harmful effect by reducing the exposure time of EMF.

That means not keeping the Wi-Fi turned on 24/7 as most people usually do. You will notice your physical and psychological improvement once you limit your EMF exposure. Everything will feel more refreshing, and you won’t feel as drained after work.

Is Your Phone Adding More EMF in Your Home Office?

Cell phones are our everyday companions, not just a commodity of a home office. However, it can add to the overall EMF level of that place. 

Phones are crucial for communicating with co-workers. It also serves as a researching tool if a person is too busy to turn on their computer.

Cell phones have different radiation ranges based on the version of the connection. The current (up to 4G) networks have a signal range of 0.7 GHz to 2.7 GHz. These signals are responsible for a lot of EMF radiation in a room.

Cellphone radiation on the lower end of the spectrum, unlike Televisions which produces X-ray. Phones do not radiate enough EMF to cause cancer or any other terminal disease. 

But they can cause headaches, nausea. They can amplify the onset of migraine after extended exposure. Headache and a lack of sleepiness are the most severe problems.

  1. Use a Faraday Bag

Faraday bags are excellent insulators against EMF. They also serve as anti-hack gear. These things will protect your electronic devices from outside interference and reduce EMF emission. 

Cell phone radiation is not strong enough to penetrate a decent faraday bag. You can get them in many shapes and forms. There are phone covers, laptop covers as well as duffle faraday bags. 

You can find mobile EMF cases that shield against EMF too. Check out the ones we listed in a previous article called the Best EMF Mobile Phone Cases

  1. Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth is more dangerous than Wi-Fi due to the intensity of its radiation. The radiation frequency of a Bluetooth signal is similar to a microwave. It is more damaging than regular cell phone radio waves.

It gets worse if you consider how it superimposes on the existing EMF of a home office. There is no reason to use Bluetooth in this day and age for work. You can easily substitute your Bluetooth devices for something safer.

  1. Keep It on Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode cuts off all wireless connections of a cell phone. That naturally decreases the number of active radio waves released into the air. We advise keeping your phone in Airplane Mode all the time while inside the home office. 

Do not think that is the end of all radiation though. Even with all the wireless connections terminated, the cell phone still produces some EMF. But the level is so low enough to be inconsequential. 

  1. Avoid the use of standard Wireless Chargers

You could reduce the dirty electricity EMF by using a wireless charger. They will keep the electricity level stable during the charging process. These chargers prevent dirty electricity generation by keeping the energy conversion as clean as possible.

We talked about the safety standards of wireless chargers in my previous article. Not all wireless chargers are good enough to protect against EMF. You must get one that is in accordance with the EMF safety standard. We have recently used SleepHalo, and it has not let us down yet. This wireless charger has a shield on one side, which means the EMF does not radiate in your direction as you work at your desk.

Effects Of Blue Light In Your Workspace

Blue light is tremendously harmful to the human eye. Long-term exposure to a high concentration of blue light can increase the risk of eye disease. Not many people are aware of blue light, despite coming into contact with it every day. 

Blue light is the light emitted from computer screens, phone screens and anything else with a display screen.

It is the primary reason why your eyes feel strained after looking at a screen too long. Nearly half the computer users around the world suffer from blue light exposure. The most notable symptoms are dry eyes, blurred vision, and itchy eyes.

Medical research shows that blue light could lead to lasting vision damage. Almost all of the light passes right through to the back of a person’s retina. From there, it can speed up the process of macular degeneration.  

Thankfully you can block more than 90% of the blue light by wearing specialised glasses. Blue light glasses are reliable products that block almost all of the harmful properties of computer screens. It is a must-have tool for any home office. We have been testing TERAISE glasses recently and found them worth buying.

Shielding From Computer EMF in Your Home Office

A computer Setup is mandatory for a modern home office. Coincidentally, a computer and its related components are the primary contributors to EMF. That is where more than 60% of the radiation in your home office comes from.

Use Wired Accessories

Wireless mice and keyboards are exceedingly popular these days. They are more convenient compared to their wired counterparts. But the problem with these things is that they use Bluetooth signals for connectivity.

Yes, these seemingly harmless accessories are a prominent reason behind the high level of EMF from computers. The best course of action, in this case, would be to switch to using the wired mouse and keyboards. Wired accessories are less convenient, but they make up for it; with their safety and high response speed.

Use EMF shields

Laptops emit a lot of EMF while you use them. Placing one on the lap while working can cause the EMF to enter your body directly. That is why scientists came up with protective gears called EMF shields.

We also have an article about the best EMF laptop shields; check it out if you don’t know where to start when looking for protection from your laptop heat and EMF radiation.

Some Extra Tips On EMF-Proofing Your Home Office

So far, we talked about the individual components of a home office that emit radiation. Now, let’s talk about a few overall solutions to make an office room truly EMF-proof. You can use the following methods to increase the EMF resistance of your Home Office:

  1. Use a Smart Meter Wisely

Smart meters keep track of the energy resource consumed in your home. It is less of a shield and more of a gauge to keep track of the electricity usage in your home. It compiles crucial data, which you can use to reduce EMF emission. However, it is the smart meter itself, which is to blame for EMF. We have a complete guide on smart meter EMF shields here.

It has an interface that will let you check the usage status. It can work alongside an EMF meter to gauge the dirty electricity ratio in your system.

  1. Use EMF Paint

EMF paint has conductive molecules mixed in it. It acts as a shield that absorbs the radiation from any electromagnetic field. It works like regular paint, except it only comes in black. The paint can absorb the radiation passing through the air to make the place a danger-free zone.

You can apply it as regular paint. We advise using multiple layers of it. You can use two coats of EMF paint and apply regular paint on top of it. Applying a double layer of this paint is crucial because a single layer is too weak to block all the EMF.

  1. Use Dirty Electricity Filters

Dirty electricity, otherwise known as electrical pollution, is one of the main culprits behind radiation. It is too volatile and has a different wavelength compared to clean electricity. Modern electronics are to blame for the emergence of this electricity. 

In the old times, all appliances used the same power source. They pulled in the same level of electricity and ran on the same level of power. Modern electronics have varying power levels, and they alter the flow of electricity in the system.

This alternating electric surge keeps circulating the powerline of the home and emits radiation. Long term exposure to it can cause various health issues. That is why dirty electricity filters are crucial for any modern home office. We listed the best DE filters in the UK in a previous article; you may want to check that out.

Getting a system fully fitted with a DE filter can be taxing. Different filters need different input levels, and you need to consider the EMF level of your home office before installing them. That’s why you need a good EMF meter first before tackling any EMF-related issues.

  1. Wear EMF Clothing

EMF clothing is a relatively new concept, but it is surprisingly effective. There are too many radiation sources around us these days. We can somewhat control the devices in our home, but EMF is radiating everywhere. In this case, wearing protective gear is a better choice than doing nothing. EMF underwear is particularly useful for those who may place a laptop on their lap whilst working.

EMF clothing does not block all the EMF in the air, but it does blunt the blow by protecting your important body parts. There are various types of EMF clothing on the market. We have several articles discussing this topic. So, check them out if you want to know more.

Clothing is not the only protective gear you have access to. There are a whole host of accessories that can protect you against EMF. Bracelets, EMF headphones, Faraday bags are all great choices for some extra protection. 


We believe you now know how to have a low EMF home office workspace. You have a variety of options to choose from. You could either nullify the EMF in that room with various tools or wear protective clothing to ensure your safety. If you want to be more careful, then try both methods at the same time and see if that works for you. 

I hope this article was able to educate you on protecting yourself from the harmful effects of EMF.