How Far Should I Be from My WiFi Router?

Our homes greatly benefit from the many technological advancements that we have seen over the years, and we are now more connected than ever. However, due to these developments, our houses need WiFi which is being boosted throughout our home. However, what is concerning is that WiFi routers produce EMF radiation that many claim can lead to serious health issues if a person is exposed to it for a long time. This leaves people asking how far should I be from my WiFi router? In this article, we will discuss what is a safe distance, the dangers of EMF radiation from your WiFi and how to protect yourself and your family from EMF radiation in the home.  The short answer to this question is that you should be as far away from your WiFi router as possible.

You want your WiFi router to be placed at least 15-20 feet away from the rooms in your house where you spend the most time – for example, your living room and bedroom as this will limit how much EMF radiation that you are exposed to. Studies show, however, that children are more affected by EMF radiation, so the distance from their bedrooms should be even further – around 30-40 feet. 

However, it is important to note…

The frequency of your router will impact the safety distance. Different types of WiFi router use different channels or frequency bands to transmit their signal – most are around 2.4GHz. This is what our calculations are based on. However, routers that work on a higher frequency are becoming increasingly more popular, with some using a frequency of 5GHz to gain better download speeds for the user. Some 5G routers that are now on the market use a 60GHz frequency. The higher the frequency, the faster the download speed, however, the less likely the signal is to pass through walls. This means that routers tend to use lower frequencies when they can. The lower the frequency of the router, the more likely the EMF radiation will travel, meaning that the safety distance may need to be greater. 

How Do You Know That You are a Safe Distance Away from Your Router?

A great way to work out if you are too close to your WiFi router is to use an EMF meter. EMF meters measure the radiation levels that are emitted by your reader and are portable – meaning that you can measure the exposure at various distances. 

Most EMF meters measure the radiation levels in microwatts per m2 or cm2. A commonly accepted safe level of radiation for people in your home is between 3mW/m2 and 6mW/m2 (or under 60mW/cm2 ). One reason why an EMF meter is a great way to measure this is because it can detect the EMF radiation from other WiFi routers that may be near your home – this is particularly important if you live in an apartment complex, or have a house joined on to yours as you may have WiFi signals from other homes impacting your health. 

If you are looking to purchase an EMF meter for your home, it is essential to choose one that is effective and of a high quality as they can be expensive. Check out our blog post BEST EMF METERS AND DETECTORS on the best EMF meters and detectors. One of the best EMF meters from our list is the Acoustimeter RF Meter Model AM-11, as it is simple to use and displays precise readings that are easy to understand.

If you do not have a radiation meter and do not want to invest in one, there are professional companies that you can hire to come to your home to carry out an EMF assessment for you. These experts can also advise you on where best to position your meter in your home. 

If you cannot distance your router enough to reduce the levels of exposure to below these safe limits, there are other techniques that you can use. 

How Can You Block or Reduce the Impact of WiFi Radiation?

So, distancing yourself from your router isn’t possible, at least not all of the time – so it is crucial to think about other ways that we can limit our exposure to EMF radiation by blocking some of the EMF wavelengths. When we talk about blocking radiation, we are usually not talking about it stopping completely. Instead, we are discussing a concept known as attenuation. Attenuation describes the weakening or reduction of the strength of the signal as it penetrates through specific materials.  Below we have listed some of our top EMF blocking tips – why not try them out in your home?

Turn Off The WiFi Router When You Are Not Using It, Especially At Night

One of the simplest ways to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation from your WiFi router is to switch the router off when it is not in use. This is especially important overnight, as EMF radiation can lead to poor sleep.  The router can simply be turned off at the wall socket, or you could consider using a mechanical outlet timer. This can be set so that your router automatically turns off at the programmed times and turns back on when you would like it to. Turning your router off can also benefit your internet signal as it can help clear out cookies and cached data or restore settings so that they function effectively. Check Digital Timer Plug out on Amazon. 

Utilise WiFi Blocking Textiles

There are many different textiles that you can add to your home that are effective in reflecting EMF radiation, meaning that you can direct it away from specific areas. These textiles are usually woven with conductive metals such as silver, known to be effective in tackling EMF radiation. EMF protection fabric can be made into bed canopies to protect you while you are sleeping or can be hung up as screens to zone off an area. Our blog post on EMF blocking bed canopies has some great suggestions to get you started. Our top pick is the BlocSilver EMF Protection Fabric that can be used in many different areas of your home.

Plug in Your Connection

One of the best ways to reduce the impact of your wireless connection is by swapping to using an ethernet cable. This cable will deliver the signal that you need through a wire instead of wirelessly. This can also improve your connection, but the cable may require some installation depending on the layout and set up of your home. 

Shield your WiFi Router

Shielding your WiFi router involves physically blocking the EMF radiation that is being emitted from it. Think of this as creating a Faraday cage, lowering the amount of radiation that you are exposed to.  This can be done with the EMF shielding material that we have linked above, which can block EMF radiation without interfering with the strength of your WiFi signal. 

Use EMF Protection Paint

One of the most popular ways to block EMF radiation in the home, especially from electronic equipment like WiFi, is by using EMF Protection Paint. Our previous blog, which you can find BEST EMF BLOCKING PAINTS, discusses this topic in more detail if you need further information. EMF blocking paint is a physical barrier to RF radiation and is made from ingredients that can block as much as 99% of EMF radiation. One coat of paint has an attenuation level of around 36 decibels. While EMF paint is more expensive than regular DIY products, it can provide you with excellent protection. Painting your bedroom with the paint is recommended as this is where you will spend many hours every night and where you sleep.  Our top pick for EMF blocking paint is the YShield EMF Shielding Paint as it is environmentally friendly, non-flammable and has a high EMF protection level. If you do not feel comfortable applying this paint to your walls yourself, there are many professional companies that can do this for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use an EMF detector?

Your EMF meter will come with instructions, but there are a few things that you need to be aware of. Firstly, ensure that your hand is placed correctly on the meter when you are using it – they cannot be over the part that takes the reading, or your results will be unreliable. Secondly, make sure to take readings from different directions as you may be feeling the impact of more than one WiFi signal. 

What Are the EMF Radiation Safety Limits?

As previously discussed, EMF radiation is usually measured in microwatts per square meter. Safety levels are determined individually by countries, so there are many different apparent safety levels. Some European countries set the safety level below 350 microwatts, while the USA have it below 1000 microwatts (a much higher amount). However, at these levels, EMF radiation has still been found to disturb sleep and lead to other health problems. 

How does EMF affect your sleep?

EMF radiation has been found to impact sleep quality, which in turn leads to many different health problems. A study by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Melbourne found that EMF radiation reduces the ability of the body to produce and maintain melatonin in the body. Melatonin is a hormone that aids our sleep by regulating the quality of it and the amount of sleep that we get. 

Does EMF Blocking Paint Actually Work? 

EMF blocking paints do work. They come in black colouring, which itself is known to absorb EMF. What makes it better than normal black wall paint is that it has a conductive base which works to block EMF. 


Although WiFi signal is now commonplace in our homes, that does not mean that it is entirely safe. EMF radiation emitted by WiFi routers can cause health issues for ourselves and our families. Therefore, it is essential to measure the safe distance from your router to work out where to place it in your home so that it has minimal impact on your health. If this is not possible due to your living situation, there are many other ways to limit the effects of EMF radiation. If you are interested in finding out more about WiFi radiation – take a look at our other blog post on it HOW AND WHY, WE SHOULD TURN OFF WI-FI?.