How to Pick Low EMF Light Bulbs?

You might not even realize it but one of the biggest offenders of EMF radiations in your home can be the light bulbs illuminating it. The sudden realization of this fact might make you want to throw out all the lights in your house and switch to candles entirely but I suggest you do not do that. There are ways to pick out low EMF lights and I’ll show you how.

You want to avoid all smart bulbs at any cost. Fluorescent, LED and CFL, these bulbs have negative effects other than EMF too. LED bulbs EMF radiation is also real. So, you should always go with more traditional incandescent bulbs and use an EMF meter to detect radiation to make sure you are safe.

In this article, I will be explaining all there is to light bulbs and EMF radiation. So, I highly suggest that you read this thoroughly. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be well equipped to protect yourself from EMF radiation and other harmful effects that can come from the light bulbs you use.

Why You Should Pick Low EMF Light Bulbs?

In this day and age, we are almost always surrounded by electronics that emit very dangerous EMF radiation. You might not realize but the measly light bulb in your living room could be showering you with EMF too. Light bulbs are the most used piece of electric equipment in a house so it’s a lot more concerning than it might seem.

A lot of light bulbs these days have a very high risk of EMF radiation. These might seem great as they might deliver a lot of light or be very power efficient. But they are doing these things at the cost of massive health risks.

And most of these lights not only have EMF radiation to worry about, but they also can be harmful in other ways too. Some of them can be the cause of dirty current which can be extremely harmful to your health. They also emit a lot of blue light and UV light which can have a lot of negative effects on you.

Dirty electricity occurs when electric equipment uses spikes of power to power themselves, a lack of stable flow creates discharge in your power lines and can induce EMF radiation. A lot of the common bulbs these days can heavily mess up your sleep cycle with the amount of blue light they emit.

Light bulbs having the potential to be harmful is a lot more concerning than receiving EMF radiation from other pieces of electronics. Because, maybe you can replace your other gadgets and gizmos and maybe even switch some of them out for mechanical non-electric alternatives altogether, but I don’t think you will be able to function without light bulbs.

As living without light bulbs with your only light source being oil lamps is not an option; you will need to switch your light bulbs with low emf options. This is a must if you value your health because light bulbs are always in use and over time, they might be a large source of EMF radiation in your home.

What Light Bulbs You Should Avoid?

There is a lot to avoid if I’m being honest with you. It might feel like you can’t pick any lights at all. But there are solutions and I will get to those in this article, don’t worry. But, let’s take a look at the ones that you should avoid so you can start being safer by getting rid of the hazardous ones you might have in your home.

Smart Light Bulbs

Let’s get the most obvious and most dangerous one out of our way first. You do not want smart appliances showering you with radiation if you value your health at all. Ideally, you should even switch from using Wi-Fi to wired internet connections if you can to avoid all radiation exposure.

Wi-Fi connected smart appliances have not only Wi-Fi but also Bluetooth. Only one is bad enough, both of them combined means you need to throw it out immediately! And not to mention the possibility of EMF radiation from the light part of it as well.

Smart appliances are one of the biggest offenders of EMF radiation and those are the ones you need to get rid of first.

CFL Bulbs

These spiral-shaped bulbs are meant to be energy efficient but at some point, we need to ask, at what cost? These bulbs emit a large amount of EMF radiation. These lights run on a much higher frequency current than what our electrical systems are meant to handle.

CFL light bulbs run on these spikes of power which create an immense amount of dirty electricity. This dirty electricity floods your home with EMF radiation and even damages your power lines over time.

These bulbs also have a very blue-ish tinge to their light. They do not look like daylight and are very harsh to our eyes. This can damage your eyesight over time and disrupt your sleep cycle. Harsh blue lighting is one of the biggest reasons for insomnia and irregular sleep schedules.

LED Lights

LED lights seem like a better option but in reality, they are not. Similar to CFL light bulbs, they too have a blue tint to their lighting, although it is a bit less than CFL bulbs. However, even that amount of tint can cause irregular sleep and damage over time.

They also have the risk of both dirty electricity and EMF radiation like CFL light bulbs. LED lights might seem different in design than CFL bulbs but in effect, they are similarly hazardous to your health. You should get rid of both LED bulbs and light strips as they do not function any differently.

You can check out the video below that goes deeper into the ins and outs of LED and CFL bulb related health hazards. 

Fluorescent Bulbs

While the average home does not have fluorescent bulbs these days, they are still widely available and are frequently used in office spaces. These lights are a huge source of EMF radiation. They have the widest fields and the highest density of EMF radiations among all sorts of lights.

Fluorescent bulbs are also one of the largest sources of UV radiation among lights. From dirty electricity to radiation to harmful light rays, Fluorescent lights are the worst. If you are an office owner yourself then make sure to get rid of those as soon as you can. And be sure to not use these ever in your home.

Picking Low EMF Light Bulbs

Although it might feel like that you should just throw out all your old lights and start getting new ones, that is not the most cost-efficient way to do it. What you can instead do is start by getting an EMF meter to measure levels of EMF radiation emitting from different pieces of electronics in your home.


With an EMF meter, you can easily measure and make sure that the appliances you install are as low EMF as you would prefer. If you have never bought an EMF meter, check out this article to go through some of our recommendations. You should change one appliance at a time by measuring their EMF radiation.


The bulbs you should get are incandescent light bulbs. These are indeed a thing of the past and are slowly going extinct. Many places discourage and even prohibit them because of how non-energy-efficient they are. But these are your best choice in terms of EMF radiation and other harmful effects.


Incandescent bulbs produce light by heating the filament that is inside them. This uses a lot of power but creates a warm and pleasant light. This light is created by heat and is very similar to how natural daylight is. Incandescent bulbs create a light that is harmless both in terms of EMF and harshness.


This kind of light is not only good in terms of EMF but they also do not produce harsh blue light so are good for your eyes too. You can also try halogen lamps, these lamps function similarly to incandescent bulbs but they produce more heat. They are both safe and healthy options.


While incandescent and halogen lights are going extinct, they are indeed the safest options. What you should do is start using any old incandescent bulbs you have lying around your home. These bulbs are slowly going out of production and soon you might have a lot of trouble finding them.


You can also consider buying large packs of these lights to stock up for the future. That way, not only do you have many more options, you can also rest assured that you will have some available to you when they become rarer.

Some Recommended Options for Low EMF Light Bulbs

Now you might be wondering which bulbs to get. If you haven’t been buying incandescent for a while then it might feel confusing about which ones you should get. While almost all of them are pretty safe in terms of EMF, I have come to you with a few really good options so you can get started much more easily.

SouLight B22 Dimmable Lights

These bulbs come in a good package which is a good value for those who want to stock up. They are very standard lights with bayonet fitting systems. You will get a warm and nice light while being safe from harmful EMF radiation.


These lights are very low profile so they will fit right in. You will not have any issue with getting used to these when changing from other types of bulbs to these.

Paul Russells Candle 10 Pack

paul russells LED Filament Candle Light Bayonet Fitting B22, 40w Equivalent Replacement C35 Bulb, 4.5W 470LM LED Bulbs, 2700K Warm White, Ceiling Chandelier Energy Saving Lightbulbs, Pack of 10
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  • [Quality Highlights] paul russells Non-Dimmable LED Filament bulbs are CE / UKCA certified and inspected carefully, made of premium quality materials (Glass and Aluminium), which is safe and perfect for household use.
  • [Bright & Comfortable] paul russells 4.5W LED Filament Bulb provides 470 luminous fluxes, with less than a blink time to warm up to full brightness. The light will be bright and comfortable for you without flickering.
  • [Wide Application] paul russells 2700K Warm White LED Filament bulbs can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways or ceiling fixtures to create a retro and cosy warm atmosphere.
  • [Visual Impact] High colour rendering (CRI > 80+) provides vivid and natural smooth colour; Beam angle of 330 degrees provides a Wide Visual. (Images are for illustration purpose only).

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These bulbs also come in a good package. They have bayonet fittings similar to the entry before. While also very low profile these are a bit more on the warmer side. 


This is a real mood setter, if you are looking for adding some romantic warm and cozy lighting in your house. They are quite durable and are well received by most buyers. So, I’m pretty sure you are going to love them as well. 


YOUDIAN Vintage Edison Bulb 40W

YOUDIAN Vintage Edison Bulb 40W E27 Screw Retro Dimmable T45 Light Bulb Filament Amber Glass Decorative Lamp (6 Packs)
  • 【Package Includes】 retro style bulb 40W, 6 pcs per package.
  • 【High Quality】 The retro bulb uses high-transmittance glass and high-quality tungsten wire, 360° beam angle, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, always protect your eyes. It is suitable for dimmable and non-dimmable modes.
  • 【Dimmable】 The Vintage Edison Light Bulb are dimmable provides a soft light,that can meet your most of the needs in different occasions.
  • 【Wide Appliance】 Old fashioned style and warm amber glow, The Edison Light Bulb is great for ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, pendants, bars, restaurants, cafes, stores and industrial fixtures, other places you’d like to decorate with.
  • 【100% Satisfaction】 We use a unique packaging design to ensure that the bulb is well protected during transportation. If the bulb is damaged or there are any other problems, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

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These bulbs are screw-on and not of the bayonet fittings variety. While they look a bit more on the decorative side, they are very much fit for regular usage. You will be very happy with the warm and beautiful light they provide.


These come in packs of six rather than 10 or more, which might not be the best choice for those who want to stock up on a lot but it is still plenty as these are very long-lasting.

Hudson Lighting Incandescent Edison Bulb Set

While these bulbs are a bit on the larger side, they are very bright. If you need brighter lights to properly light your rooms then these might be a good option. 


They might look a bit odd at first but you will get used to them. These bulbs will make a great light source for your study or home office or anywhere you need larger, more bright lights. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can Light Bulbs Be Harmful?

A: Light bulbs can be harmful by emitting EMF radiation and harsh blue light. A lot of the modern common light bulbs are guilty of this which poses a lot of risk to our health.


Q: What Lights Are Most Harmful?

A: CFL, LED, Fluorescent, and all sorts of smart lights are harmful to our health. These kinds of lights emit EMF radiation and cause dirty electricity.


Q: What Lights Should I Get?

A: You should try to get either incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps as these are the safest ones.


Q: What Is Dirty Electricity?

A: Dirty electricity is when electricity discharge remains in the power lines due to unstable current flow.


Q: How Is Dirty Electricity Harmful?

A: Dirty electricity can cause EMF radiation from your power lines. That can be very harmful. This also causes your power lines to deteriorate over time.


Q: Why Is Blue Light Harmful?

A: Harsh blue lighting can irritate your eye over long periods. It can also mess up your sleep schedule and cause insomnia.


EMF radiation can be very bad for your health and your lightbulbs can be a huge source of harm. You should avoid using harmful lights and switch to low EMF options. More traditional incandescent bulbs are your best options.


Thanks for reading till the end, I hope you found this article helpful. Thankfully now you have a better idea of smart, CFL, incandescent and LED bulbs EMF radiation and how to keep yourself safe from EMF. Until next time, farewell, and stay safe.