How to Protect Yourself from 5G

The development of 5G in recent years has led to huge changes in digital wireless communication, however it also comes with its safety concerns. In comparison with 4G, 5G works at light speeds. 4G provides users of speeds around 10 Mbps, with network latency of 30ms. 5G on the other hand can reach speeds of between 10-20Gbps with a network latency of 1ms. But what does this mean in real terms? Well, for the average digital user it translates as great gaming speeds and real time video buffering and instant web page loading. 

The speeds and popularity of 5G signal have hit headlines around the globe, but so have concerns about its health hazards. As the technology is relatively new, there has not been many studies on the topic. We have done some research for you, pulling together the information that is out there about 5G technology to give you an educated view on the topic. So, let’s take a look at what 5G radiation is, the safety concerns and most importantly, how to protect yourself from 5G radiation.  

What is 5G radiation?

As soon as the word ‘radiation’ enters the picture, we tend to become alarmed as we know that radiation can cause a lot of damage. But it is important to note that not every single type of radiation causes harm.

Radiation is the energy that is omitted from objects. There are different types of radiation and only some of these are harmful. Ionizing radiation which is emitted from both UV Rays and X-Rays are harmful and can cause damage to the body. They can distort the bonds in DNA and destroy atoms, which can lead to issues such as cancer. Non-ionizing radiation does not damage DNA as it doesn’t produce enough energy. Therefore, it is often called harmless. 

5G radiation is a non-ionizing radiation and therefore theoretically does not cause any changes to human DNA or the structure of cells. But there are some questions about other safety issues of 5G radiation due to its intensity.

Is 5G Radiation Dangerous?

There have been some studies into the impact and health hazards of 5G radiation, but the conclusions have been complicated and led us to ask even more questions. A study conducted in 2011 by the World Health Organisation’s Agency for Research on Cancer found that types of radiofrequency radiation could potentially be dangerous. They were classed by this agency as being potentially 2B carcinogenic and in particularly, were linked with certain types of tumors in the brain. This does sound alarming; however, it is important to note that other materials in this 2B carcinogenic category include caffeine and talcum powder that a lot of us use every day. 

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) published a decade long study in 2018 that concluded that male rats that were exposed to high levels of both 2G and 3G radiation (below the intensity of 5G) developed heart tumors that were cancerous. Again, this does sound concerning, but it is important to note that John Butcher, one of the senior scientists that worked on the projected confirmed that the levels of exposure and the duration of time that the rats were exposed for was much higher than humans are exposed to. This study was also with only 2G and 3G which does have some different properties in comparison to 5G. The American Cancer Society has also came to the conclusion that most studies have failed to find a link between cellular radiation and the development of tumors. Therefore, with such mixed signals from studies, it is clear that further research is necessary.

Government bodies have also publicly stated that there is no imminent danger to health and safety from 5G radiation. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a release in 2018 which confirmed that the current safety limits for cell phone radiofrequency exposure were safe for the public to be exposed to. 5G wireless transmitters that were located near members of the public were also found be below the levels of exposure that are deemed to be safe. These studies and levels only discuss fatal consequences of this type of radiation but there is reason to believe that 5G radiation can have negative impacts on the body that are not fatal, but certainly harmful. 

5G radiation operates through millimeter waves which have large wavelengths that travel over small frequencies. In order to tackle the issue of losing 5G signal, 5G cell towers and base stations are planned to be built with shorter distance between them so that the signal is still strong. This means that in 5G areas, we will be surrounded by RF signals. Many articles have been published about the potential dangers of 5G radiation – Eluxe Magazine published an article that discussed the link between millimeter waves and negative impacts on the immune system. There was also evidence to suggest that these waves may affect the growth of cells over a period of time. 

On top of this, at the University of California, Dr Joel Moskowitz, a public health professor predicted that these waves could also lead to issues on the skin, of the eyes and the nervous system. The millimeter waves are easily absorbed into the skin and can then be transmitted around the body to the nervous system. Dr Moskowitz states that dangers of this could increase if the person is elderly, a child or pregnant. 

How to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation

As there has been some research that has identified 5G radiation as potentially causing harm to the body, it is important to be aware of ways that we can reduce exposure to 5G radiation. Some tips have been listed below to help you protect yourself and your family. 

Distance Yourself from EMF Radiation

The best thing that you can do to protect yourself and your family is to distance yourself from devices that emit EMF radiation as much as you can. It can be difficult to do this as so many devices in the home emit this type of radiation – from mobile phones to internet routers to computers. Limit your time using these devices and focus especially in reducing your proximity to them while you are asleep. A great way to distance yourself is to keep your mobile in a bag, instead of in your pocket, directly next to your skin. Ensure that your wireless router is not in any room that you sleep in or spend most of your time, to put some distance between yourself and the radiation source. 

Use an EMF Shield

EMF radiation is everywhere so it is difficult to avoid. However, there are ways to minimize your exposure and an EMF shield is one way. Many sellers now stock EMF Shields that will cover mobile devices. EMF cases for phones, laptops and routers can encase the device, reducing the impact of radiation by up to 92%, meaning that your risk is significantly reduced. While not all EMF shields will be this effective, they will offer some level of protection from the rays and minimize your exposure. There are also EMF protection canopies on the market, that will block harmful EMF rays. Reviews of the product say that customers experienced improved sleep. There is also EMF shielding paint that can be used to paint the outside of houses, windows and doors for an added layer of protection.

Buy an EMF Measuring Device

To help measure the levels of EMF radiation in your home, it is a good idea to invest in an EMF measuring device. This can help identify ‘hotspots’ or areas around you that have high levels of radiation so that you know how to avoid them. Using this device in your home or workplace will help you plan your day, knowing that you are spending the most time in areas with lower radiation in order to minimize your exposure to radiation. 

Change the Settings on your Phone

Your mobile phone is the device that will most commonly be using 5G signal, and therefore it is important that your settings make it as safe as possible. As well as purchasing an EMF blocking case, there are some other things that you can do to minimize the impact of EMF radiation. Keep your distance from your phone if you are not using it and try and answer calls when on speakerphone, so the device is further away from your head. Try and keep phone calls to a minimum and keep them as short as possible to reduce your exposure. Turning your phone on to airplane mode when you can means that your phone will not produce any radiation but you can’t receive calls when it is in this mode. Another option to try and reduce your expose from your phone is by purchasing an air tube headset. Normal headsets emit radiation but an air tube headset directs the radiation outwards, away from the ear. 

Be Wary of Smart Meters

While Smart Meters can be useful and can help measure your energy usage in your home, they are also a concern as they usually work on a wireless frequency. It has been suggested that tech companies are aiming to link Smart Meters with 5G which is of a concern. If possible, think twice before installing a smart meter in your home, instead rely on an analog meter. You may need to rely on your electricity company to come and read your meter, which may cost a small fee, however this is minimal in comparison to your family’s safety. Your utility company may not give you the option of opting out of a smart meter, and if you need to have one in your home, try and have it located in a room that you do not use all of the time. It is also best to use shielding devices to again minimize the impact of the EMF radiation, reducing the strength of it. 


5G is relatively new technology that has not been fully investigated yet. There have been some studies that show it is not harmful to humans, while other studies believe that it can cause many health issues. What is clear, is that more investigation is necessary to come to an informed conclusion on the topic. 

While the dangers are unknown, it is important to try and understand what 5G radiation is, and how it may impact yourself and your family. Furthermore, it is important to try and make small changes to your home or your routine that will minimize the exposure to this radiation. Simple additions to your home such as EMF shields and canopies can improve your health and give you further piece of mind. Changing your routine to distance yourself from devices that emit this type of radiation is also important. Just remember, your safety and the safety of your family come first.